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January 11 2018

Internet Explorer latest version (IE11) Features

Internet Explorer latest version is the Internet Explorer 11 in that I am going to introduce about some new change and also includes several new features and new tools. This article covers the all updated information about the all-new feature, and a tool includes high-level info about them all.   

New added features and tools   

•    Web standards. In the new updated Internet Explorer version 11, these are the new technique CSS flexible box layout module, Canvas 2D L2 extensions, WebGL, full-screen API, encrypted media extensions, mutation observers, media source extensions, like DOM4 and 5.3.   

•    New Enhanced Protected Mode. In that new version, there is a protection mode that can be configured by the user according to the user computing habits and provide the that all fracture to protect the user information from the errant user or the malware that can steal the user personal or any technical information from the user system.   

•    IE Enterprise Mode. Enterprise Mode, is a mode that makes a compatibility change into the browser mode that runs on the latest Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on Windows 8.1 Update and Windows 7 devices, lets websites render using a modified browser it made a copy of the webpages and used for the configuration that’s designed to emulate the website. Windows Internet Explorer 11 is also having the capability of avoiding the common compatibility problems that come with the user associated with web apps online written and tested on their older versions of Internet Explorer.    

•    Out-of-date ActiveX control blocking. It makes the test for the ActiveX to Helps to keep your ActiveX controls up-to-date, that is used for the protection purpose because errant software (or malware) can break the security flaws in old or outdated controls, it can be the cause of damaging your computer by collecting info from it, also installing unwanted software on your system, or by letting someone else control user’s system remotely without user permission.   

•    Do Not Track (DNT) exceptions. IE11 ask the user to record his /her browsing history or ask for avoiding the recording the website history If the user permits the request, Internet Explorer records an exception to the "Do Not Track" rule and sends that rule to the headers to the website that allow tracking. Using that the website developer can make a more a trusted relationship with their users about privacy. The Developer can check or understand the user need and the privacy of the user and make more user frankly website by getting the information from respecting these headers and requesting exceptions to the default privacy.   

•    IE Administration Kit (IEAK). That provides the user authentication for the user to give that the user can create a custom version of the branded versions of IE11.The user can get more info and also download the tool Online.  If you are looking for more updates about Internet Explorer then visit Internet Explorer Support

•    Unattuned Settings. In each Windows, the program has the includes settings. That setting can be used to create an unattended-installation answer file. These all setting of components is recorded into programs own individual topic, and all changes are listed in the log file with each topic. And the file is saved with the named Unattend.XML file, it provides the feature to make the change into the home page, favorites, search providers, feeds, Accelerators, Web slices and setting for top result searches.   

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